How to meet women on a dating site

Experience how to meet women online you only need this knowledge when you can make it real for real, that is, take women out on a date, since as far as I know no one has yet found a way to fuck the girl directly in the imeetzu chat of the dating site.

From this it is clear that, if the only way for you to meet women online is to widen the mileage range in an unreasonable way and which makes a live meeting unrealistic, probably online is not the solution for you.

In fact it is very important to try to explain something that, no one seems to have the ability or the will (for personal interests in my opinion) to tell you …

Don’t Let Dating And Meeting Women Control Your Life.

Hi guys and welcome to another post. Today we are going to talk about the importance of not becoming dependant on having a woman in you life. One thing I am going to say is it is fantastic to meet and hang out with new women, but one thing I see time and time again is guys becoming totally dependant on having to pick women up whenever they go out.

This is a real problem and one that I have found myself in many times. Having this voice in your head telling you that you must pick up women whenever you go out and to tell you the truth it started to drive me mad in the early days. You must realise that you have to have the confidence within yourself to realise that you don’t need to pick up women or have a relationship with them 24/7 365 days a year. You need to have time to yourself to develop your lifestyle and keep strong relationships with your friends.

You must get out there and do things for yourself, go to the gym, go to the football or any event that you can enjoy on your own or with your friends and knowing that you don’t need to pick up women. If you do this I guarantee that your game will grow as you will feel fresh and confident knowing that you have the lifestyle and social network to be attractive to any woman. So remember, do things for yourself!!

I like to compare it to your job, you need a couple of days a week off to refreshen and recharge. So to do you need to give yourself a break from being out there and approaching women day in day out. You must do this so things don’t get the day in day out feel and grind to them. I am not saying to have 2 days a week off but what I am saying is whenever you feel that you need to freshen up and spend some time with the boys or family there is no shame in that.

Stephen Nash (aka playboy LA) from the game is one guy who agrees with that as well. He stated in one of his posts that he had seen it many times in from the best pick up artist’s in the business, that their lives became reliant on the focus of always picking up women and how one dimentional their lives seemed to become. This was great advice for me as I found myself getting into that state and it could have not come at a better time.

So try and heed what I am telling you today as this is a very important step in perfecting your game and the way you approach and meet women. If it becomes routine you will not succeed and become great with women, but if you are truly happy within yourself and your friendships, your lifestyle you will be truly unstoppable.

To a fruitful new life.


How to up your chances to get a woman’s number.

How to up your chances to get a woman’s number.

Just gazing dreamily towards the woman of your dreams is of no use if you do not talk to her and get her phone number. A willingness to part with her phone number will indicate that the woman too is interested in you and is willing to take the next step. But you need to extract that number from her without it looking like a dentist extracting a tooth from a terrified patient.

Even before you reach the stage of exchanging phone numbers, you will first need to correctly understand the signals that the woman tosses towards you. If she likes what she sees then she is bound to look at you repeatedly. This could be your cue to approach her and start making a conversation. She might find your sense of humor extremely funny and might fleetingly touch your arms as she laughs her way into your heart.

On the other hand, the woman of your dreams might not be so expressive and might be quite shy or nervous upon meeting you. She may be interested in you but might not be able to send out the right signals loud and clear. This might get a bit unnerving since proceeding further may be met by outright rejection. Well, as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so move bravely ahead. In such a case, make sure that there are few people around when you make your next move. This way you do not risk public humiliation or rejection. The next step, of course is to get the woman’s mobile number.

Asking for the mobile number directly could pose a problem. However, a few indirect moves will enable you to get that number without problems. The first method is to help out the woman with any problem that she might have mentioned during your informal talk. When you approach her in a supermarket you could ask her for her opinion on what would be a better sauce with this pasta. You could use this informal approach to start a conversation with her, as you are not approaching her in a non-threatening way and she will relax.

Another way of approaching her, say you are at an art gallery and you are both in front of a painting that might have a striking blotch of red on it. You could make a comment like “Wow, did you spill your red wine on that, listen you better run you could be in a whole lot of trouble. Listen I’ll cover for you”

What this does is gets you in their in a non threatening way and allows you to strike up a conversation and let her put her guard down and that way you have a better chance of getting her number.

While it would be quite easy to get a number from a woman who is openly sending out signals, a shy woman will be reluctant to give her number and might even give you the wrong number to throw you off balance. Instead of getting humiliated at a later date, you can simply turn the tables right there by dialing her number from your mobile and tell her that you are calling her up at that very instant to give her your own number as it will appear in the received or missed calls list. Well, if her mobile phone rings with your number on it then you are through otherwise the woman’s bluff would have been called, albeit at your expense. This would surely mean that you are barking up the wrong tree.

Hence, while it could be quite easy to get a willing and interested woman’s number, you might need to use the above moves to get a shy or reluctant woman’s number. Check out the truth right there and if all goes well, you could be cooing sweet nothings in your woman’s ear within no time.

How to read a woman’s body language to know she is interested in you.

How to read a woman’s body language to know she is interested in you.

You are standing in a pub or in a mall or partying and an attractive woman happens to catch your eye. Your jaw drops to the floor and bright shiny star shaped objects start rotating around your head like rings around Saturn. Well, you are surely hooked, but how do you determine if the woman in your sights is interested in you too? For starters, start by reading her body language before you muster up enough courage to talk to her.

Even before you manage to talk to her, you might be able to catch subtle glances being thrown in your direction. You might notice her glancing frequently in your direction and then slowly looking away. If she does it only once and looks quickly away, then she obviously is not interested but if she keeps on looking at regular intervals and if her eyes linger on you a wee bit longer at every glance, then she is definitely into you. After checking if Tom Cruise or some other hunk is not standing directly behind you, get ready to make your first move.

Ask a common friend to introduce you to her and if that is not possible, then make the move yourself. If your intuition has been right then you need not worry. Observing the woman’s body language now becomes imperative since you will also need to know if your first impression has been favorable and whether you can proceed to the next step. Even if you are with a group of friends while introducing yourself, you might notice the woman glancing shyly towards you and facing you most of the time. You can use the humor test to check out her feelings towards you. If she laughs at all your jokes including some pathetic ones, then consider it a positive sign. She might start flipping her hair more often and might also start to nervously play with the strands of her hair. She might also start fiddling with her earrings or any pendant around her neck while talking or listening to you.

A woman’s stance will also reveal if she is interested in you. If she seems relaxed and continuously tilts towards you, then you are on the right track. She might also touch your arms lightly as she laughs at your jokes. On the other hand, if she stands with her hands folded across her chest and tilts backwards every time you tilt towards her, then the charm has surely worn off. It just might be time to climb off the moving train rather then get totally humiliated at the next station called rejection. On the other hand, if her fingers regularly fall on your arms at increasing intervals then she is definitely checking you out. Even as you tighten your biceps, triceps and every other muscle group in your arm, continue to observe her body language and mind your language as one misplaced sentence can spell doom to your budding relationship.

By concentrating on the woman’s body language while appearing cool and relaxed at the same time, you can interpret the signals being thrown at you before and during your courtship. This will enable you to make the right moves without getting embarrassed or rejected in front of others. So, go out there, mingle and watch out for the woman of your dreams radiating favorable signals towards you like a flower beckon a bee.

Listen to what Mystery has to say about women and male social value.

This is a great video, watch how Mystery breaks it all down.


How to Use Kino to Create a Strong Attraction With a Woman.

How to Use Kino to Create a Strong Attraction With a Woman.
By: TC Pepi

While engaging with women, it is important that you know how to be subtle and you can use it to separate you from the pack and elevates your mysterious intimacy quotient in the eyes and bodies of the women that you meet. But to accomplish this feat, you need to study, understand and master the art of Kin and how to use it to your advantage when meeting women.

Kino is an acronym for kinesthetic touch that involves you touching women in a friendly and flirtatious manner that over a short period of time, can take the friendship to an intimate level and could also be classified as harmless seduction. However, if used correctly, Kino can quickly lead you to becoming more familiar with women and give you a lead over other men who might be shy or afraid to touch women in any way. The key is to learning when and how to initiate the Kino process on women and how to take it forward once women are comfortable with your light touches.

Kino can be used anytime and anywhere with a woman, I am not talking about stroking their palms or touching their hair as this may creep them out. You could start off at say a party that involves dancing, drinking and could be the perfect place to start. Once you get to a level where you start addressing the women in the group by name, then you could start working your charm on them.

Starting with humour is usually a good idea, but noticing the reaction during the first few jokes is even more important. Start cracking a few jokes and watch their reaction. If they only smile, then back off. But if they break into peals of laughter or literally start rolling on the floor due to a combination of alcohol in their blood and your joke in their mind, then this could be your chance to make Kino work for you.

Start a high-five session after every hit joke that you crack. This move could be your entrance into the Kino world.

You could comment on a fabric that she is wearing, you could touch it and comment on how great this looks and feels. Another way you could do it is say she is being a bit cheeky and you are both having a bit of playful banter you could give her a bit of a touch on the shoulder and say something like “Well, we have a bit of a cheeky on here”

The seductive art of Kino will only work when you are naturally comfortable in touching women and are also capable of making the women comfortable in your presence, before you execute any move. If you are too nervous and have sweaty palms, then this move could simply backfire or be misinterpreted and the result would be contrary to what you expected. So, make the women first feel comfortable in your presence before using Kino to take you to the next level.

How to make yourself more appealing to women.

To know what appeal is, you first need to know what you are. May be you have it already in you. If you do then well you need to play it up. And if it’s not in you well then you need to develop and inculcate the appeal.

What are these qualities that will help you make yourself more appealing to women? Being you is most important. Do not try to adopt a behavior for the sake of one evening and forget it at the next meeting as you will give yourself away. And if you know you should have a certain quality then inculcate it into your system until it becomes your habit and second nature.

Your sense of dress will add to your physical appeal. I would advise you to take a look at magazines look at clothes you like and put the look together, women are fashion orientated and will notice if you are also. Also a good haircut is great, you need to find a good hairdresser who can give you cool modern looks not just short back and sides. Again I would advise looking at magazines and pull pages out of looks you like and take it to your hairdresser so they can see what you want. And lastly don’t forget the shoes! You must have great shoes women will always look at a guys shoes.
You don’t need to spend a fortune just spend within your budget and create the image you have seen in the magazines that you like.

Being lively and buoyant is certainly an attractive aspect of one’s nature whether man or woman. Add to it humor and joviality. These qualities together will carry you a long way and more often than not straight into the hearts of women. Coupled with this will be your smiling eyes and face. All this will go very much in your favor as being the wonderful person that any woman could wish to be with. She would certainly love to spend time in your company and be conversing with you.

All this conversation would not be happening for nothing. You should have the quality to be able to remember everything about the person the next time you meet them. It would not speak very well of you if you forget the details that transpired between you. It will reflect how little interest you have in the person. Develop a sharp memory so you remember every detail of information divulged at the first meeting. That will help you pick up the threads from where it was left off to start afresh at your next meeting and conversation.

Putting on fake appearances of listening to somebody is not seen in good taste. It’s better to move on rather than linger and not listen. Show interest in the woman when you happen talk to one. Be appreciative of what she communicates and ask her more about the subject. Be genuine about the interest you show as that will brighten up your face naturally rather than artificially. It is easy to see through a person who is putting on an act rather than being natural.

Avoid being boastful and brash. Mentioning an odd accomplishment and how difficult it was to achieve it, would be appreciated and add to your appeal. But do not make your conversation boring by bragging about achievements after achievements. You will destroy your sense of appeal to women.

Lastly, be pleasant and pay compliments which are genuine and not shallow or false. Leave a good impression so she would like to meet up with you again.

To a fruitful life.


How to use indirect approaches to pick up women.

Every woman has her dreams about the man in her life and what he should be like. And that man is the “prince charming” of her life. Even the fairy tales of the yester years wove around the girl and her ‘prince charming’ and how he ‘swept her off her feet’. This phrase of course is not to be taken in its literal sense. It means that the man acts and behaves in such an enchanting way that the woman is simply charmed into falling in love with the ‘prince charming’.

An Indirect approach is an approach that you are not stating your interest in her you are commenting on something that is going on in the environment around you. Thus giving her no real reason to think that you are just another guy trying to pick her up.

It beats the old school approach to physically bump into a woman thereby dropping her belongings, and then helping her pick them up. In all probability the matter will end there without further ado and she will probably charge you with assault :). Avoid this very direct approach where the woman, rather than being enchanted by you, would actually feel annoyed with you. Always adopt an indirect approach to a woman.

You might come across a single woman either at a party, or in a park or may be even in a shopping complex. You might even find her waiting in a queue. Don’t make a hurried dart for her without the right excuse or conversation, or you might just get snubbed.

If she is alone at a party you could make a comment like “Wow, that’s a pretty big back you’ve got there are you running away from home or something?”
Deliver that with a little sarcasm and she will laugh and relax and then you can start chatting to her. It beats saying wow cool bag doesn’t it?

Another one you could use is just say your in a music store and you see a woman you are interested in and she is holding a CD, you could comment on how great the band is and that you have that CD and it is fantastic. Again that is another great way to indirectly approach a woman.

It is not rocket science if you are just relaxed and approach her with confidence you will deliver these approaches with great ease and women will gladly stop and chat with you.
If you can master the art of great indirect approaches with women it is a great way to then engage her and then eventually get her number, as it is a really effective way of approaching a woman without looking like a threat and you are using your environment to your advantage.

Where to go to meet women.

Hi TC here, today we are going to talk about places to go where you might have great chances of meeting women. First and foremost you must get out there to meet women, I know in this day and age where work is very demanding and our lives are very hectic that it is hard to find time to fit in an exciting social life.
But one thing we must do is go to places we enjoy going to.

Say if like art the art gallery is a great place to meet women and it is a great way to start topics of conversation.
Books go to the book store I know borders is a great place as again it is a great way to start conversations.
Live Music shows.
Street Fares.
Clothing Stores.

These are just a few because we all have different interests and our lists will all be different, but just remember always do things that you like to do as these places you feel comfortable in and you can easily find topics to talk about.

David De Angelo, Approaches with a twist.

David is showing that you have to get the mindset to think out of the box and do things that no other guys do.
Enjoy this.

To A fruitful life.

Get The Dating Revelations Today.

Can Stephen Nash Playboy LA deliver?

Okay today guys I am doing a review on Stephen Nash’s (aka Playboy LA) book The Natural Art Of The Pick Up.
Having done the course myself and seeing the results this book is very, very insightful and doesn’t leave anything out. Stephen goes into the real nitty gritty of getting yourself to a point where you can feel confident when you approach women.

Topics he covers in his course:

Getting the right mindset, so meeting women is so much more enjoyable.
Places to go to meet women.
How to get your juices flowing so you can strike up a conversation with any woman.
Signs a woman is interested in you.
Topics to talk about with a woman.
Ways to hold your body in strong and non needy ways.
Direct Approaching.
In Direct Approaching.
Teaser Openers.

And the list goes on and on. Also the ebook comes with bonus audio so as you are reading the ebook Stephen is explaining step by step why the techniques are used and how to use them.
This is to me a really refreshing book that I tend to agree a lot with, in the way we are out there to meet women but I think that a lot of the Dating Books out there are really trashy and disrespect women horribly. Steven is in it too give you a lifestyle you will enjoy and that you can meet women in the process.

So Sign up to Stephens Site and grab a copy today.

To a fruitful life.